CableFAX Most Powerful Women in Cable Profile—Fox Networks' Rita Tuzon

Editor’s Note: We will be featuring profiles from the 2012 CableFAX Most Powerful Women in Cable issue. Here are some words of wisdom from our #11 ranked woman. Go here to read the issue in its entirety.

Rita Tuzon

EVP/General Counsel
Fox Networks Group

What drew you to cable? “In the ‘90s cable was the fast-moving, new horizon with lots of upside potential. The people were genuine and positive and that sealed it. Still true today.”

Juggling busy days: “I have learned to triage: quickly decide what needs my personal attention, and effectively delegate to the best team in the business.

A quick midday re-energizer: “Two years ago I replaced the chips and cookies in my bottom drawer with nuts and berries. Works like a charm.

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