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John Malkin

November 24, 2015

John Malkin, evp of content distribution for Ovation, is originally a Chicagoan. Back in the day, he was a drummer-turned-guitar player for the Chicago band “Maryann and the Professors.” In 1997, the band was voted #1 female-led band in Chicago; the lead singer eventually became John’s wife. Today, John remains a “long-suffering” Bears and Cubs…


Jodi Markley

November 23, 2015

ESPN’s evp of content operations & creative services, Jodi Markley, is a woman of many hobbies. An avid volunteer for the American Red Cross, saving lives is important to her. Once she even saved someone’s life at a dinner party, giving a guest the Heimlich maneuver. To this day, Jodi and the guest remain friends…

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Elliott Trice

November 19, 2015

Elliott Trice, svp of consumer product for The Weather Company, didn’t always have his heart set on a career in product strategy and development. His first plan was to be an English professor and was well on the way to becoming the world’s leading Queer Theory scholar on 14th century medical treatises. According to Elliott,…


Jessica Driscoll

November 16, 2015

Jessica Driscoll, vp of communications at Discovery Channel, once had a supernatural encounter. While on tour for a documentary, the filmmaking team convinced her to sit down with a  so-called medium. “Reluctantly, I agreed and the medium told me that she saw 3 healthy boys  around me.  Two years later, I had 3 sons under…

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Eleni Stratigeas

November 6, 2015

Eleni Stratigeas, Scripps Network Interactive’s svp, business & legal affairs and corporate secretary, grew up in Salt Lake City. As such, she loves to ski and watch winter sports. She’s also a spinning and boxing fanatic, which works well for her, she says, because she’s a foodie and loves to entertain. Also, this: “I volunteer…


Pat Baldwin

November 2, 2015

Pat Baldwin, co-founder of RLTV, has stepped away from his role as svp of affiliate sales and corporate development at the company. No retirement for him, mind you. He’s currently pondering his next move. Some fun facts about Pat: He loves traveling and has lived abroad in both Sydney and Paris. And as a part…

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Sara Helman

October 27, 2015

Sara Helman, VP of development and production at TLC, has a few hobbies up her sleeve. A self-proclaimed foodie, this NYC exec loves to try hip new restaurants in the city with her husband. Their recent favorite is Bar Primi located in NoHo. Sara also loves traveling and over the years has explored Montreal, Paris,…

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Karen Ross

October 26, 2015

Decisive Communications’ director of HR, Karen Ross, loves to stay active. She loves to hike, ski, horseback ride, and even white-water kayak. Within the last few years, Karen has had the pleasure of kayaking all over the Washington metropolitan area, parts of New England, New York and Pennsylvania. Although snow doesn’t stop her from kayaking,…


Saul Goldberg

October 23, 2015

There’s a lot more than work to Saul Goldberg, the new head of unscripted TV at Covert Media. In 2010, in honor of his late uncle, Professor Tony Judt, he rode a bike cross-country from Astoria, OR, to Brighton Beach, NY, for “Project ALS,” a charity that raises awareness and funds for the neurodegenerative disease.…


Gregg Sanders

October 21, 2015

President of Decisive Communications Inc. Gregg Sanders is into motorcycles. He has taken a number of sport touring motorcycle trips throughout the United States and Canada, where he has seen many different parts of this country, traveled on some of the most amazing roads in the world and met many incredible people. He recently started…


Hayley MacKay

October 12, 2015

ONE World Sports’ new director of production Hayley MacKay gave us an inside look at what she likes to do outside of work. She’s always loved sports, and you can catch a glimpse of her at the 2013 championship games between Alabama and Notre Dame in Miami. “I played just about everything. Hockey, beach volleyball,…

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Derek Ferguson

October 8, 2015

The COO of REVOLT in New York City, Derek Ferguson, loves fishing and all things water. The pic above shows Derek and his family on their boat. He says that his favorite fishing spots are the Long Island Sound and City Island. The biggest fish he’s caught? A Bluefish weighing 20 pounds. Derek tells us…


Michael Hawkey

October 7, 2015

What does Michael Hawkey, Rovi’s SVP and GM of discovery, like to do in his free time? As you can see from the photo above, he enjoys spending time and playing with his family. He also enjoys golf and hockey outside of work, but his favorite hobby is woodworking. Another fun fact about Michael: He’s…

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Rick Schiavinato

October 5, 2015

ThinkAnalytics’ Rick Schiavinato, VP of sales and business development, is a competitive cyclist. “Cycling is a major passion,” Rick explained. “I love being out in the fresh air and particularly enjoy the thrill of competing in races and trying to improve on my personal best.” Rick also shared that he holds both US and Brazilian…


Jana Bennett

October 2, 2015

Jana Bennett, President and GM of History, loves being outdoors. The pic above shows her hiking, though she tells us she would prefer to be snow-camping in the high mountains with her husband or traveling without any itinerary. Below, you can see Jana on another adventure with her dog. She also shared one of her…


José Morales

September 28, 2015

Univision’s José Morales, VP of local marketing strategy, loves to travel. Jose grew up in Puerto Rico but has been making his way across the globe since he was young. “I guess that when you are born in a small Island, you feel the need of seeing more and explore what is out there,” he…


Stacy Green

September 23, 2015

A+E Networks’ EVP of global human resources and facilities, Stacy Green, is on the executive leadership council of PENCIL. This is a non-profit dedicated to creating innovative and impactful representations of collaboration between business and public schools. PENCIL aims to bring together the best ideas and resources across divisions to improve public school performance and…


Lori Hall

September 18, 2015

Ovation TV’s Lori Hall, VP of program planning, scheduling and acquisitions, loves to be around oceans and lakes. “I feel more like myself when I’m around water. My husband and I have lived on two motor yachts over the course of our 20 year marriage and (we) always find ways to be on a boat…


Belia Jimenez

September 14, 2015

The photo above shows Univision Communications VP of corporate research, Belia Jimenez, and her husband Edwin at NASA’s Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Belia tells us that her family loves to travel. “Every year, my husband, daughter and I take a trip to a new country to explore different cultures and people. My husband and…

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Bob Gold

September 11, 2015

Bob Gold, Poker Central’s SVP of distribution, loves sporting events. As you can see above, he is involved with a lot of youth sports teams. Currently, he’s the assistant coach for his son’s Pop Warner football team, the Seahawks. Bob’s passion for sports goes back to his college days at Penn State, where he was…

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Cameron Larson

September 9, 2015

Crown Media Family Networks’ Cameron Larson, director of original programming, is a cooking and baking connoisseur. There are no bounds to the styles of food he tries. “Italian, Chinese, French… if it sounds and looks like it will taste good, I’ll try and make it,” he said. Cameron’s first job was working as a baker…


Jennifer Gerstenblatt

September 8, 2015

ABC Family’s Jennifer Gerstenblatt, VP of current programming, has had quite a few unique experiences while traveling. “I take two weeks off yearly to travel and it shocks everyone because I literally check out. It takes a couple days to wean off email, but eventually it happens,” she said. Two weeks is the perfect amount…


Sabina Widmann-Hernandez

September 4, 2015

Sabina Widmann-Hernandez, Univision’s VP, GM and director of Sales in San Diego, CA, loves the ocean. “People would be surprised to learn that I have a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs and Fishery Management,” she tells us. Sabina owns a small boat she takes out on the San Diego Bay most weekends, allowing her family…


John Lansing

September 3, 2015

John Lansing, the president and CEO of CTAM who recently announced his departure, tells us that he loves to travel with his wife and children. Just to name a few of the family’s past destinations, there have been trips to Italy, Galapagos, and Costa Rica. John says his career has also caused him to move…


Anne Cowan

August 31, 2015

Anne Cowan will be the acting CEO of CTAM after John Lansing’s departure, and the new title is fitting. Anne holds years of theater experience and she was part of drama schools in Oklahoma and Indiana. She also tells us that her time spent acting led to meeting her husband of over 30 years, who…


Terry Maloney

August 28, 2015

Terry Maloney, VP of marketing and business development for the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), enjoys traveling with his wife Maggie. Above, you can catch the couple snapping a quick pic outside Point Brugge Café in Belgium. Terry tells us, “Whether it’s regionally or internationally, I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories.” After…

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Jeffrey Schneider

August 26, 2015

National Geographic Channel’s EVP of business and legal affairs Jeffrey Schneider loves to cook. Outside of work, Jeff is a husband, a father of three children (seen above), and an adjunct professor at two law schools and a business school. Cooking has become one of his favorite things to do for relaxation and meditation. We’ve…


Lee Flaster

August 24, 2015

Lee Flaster is the SVP of business operation and growth strategy at Telemundo, and he has a passion for traveling the world. His travel list is extensive, including visits to Greece, China, and Turkey, time studying in Spain and even a period living in London. He still returns to Europe often, so much so that…

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Brenda Lowry

August 21, 2015

Crown Media’s Brenda Lowry, the VP of Network Program Publicity, loves the outdoors. “My favorite secret spot in Los Angeles is Amir’s Garden in Griffith Park, a shady memorial garden for hikers and equestrians,” she said. As you can tell from the pic, Brenda likes to hike all over LA. She also shared that she…


Laraine Mancini

August 19, 2015

Univision’s new SVP of finance and head of investor relations, Laraine Mancini, enjoys spending time with her “boys.” Though there is only one in the photo above, Laraine and her husband own two giant, cuddly Leonberger dogs. She also tells us that she and her husband “love to travel and enjoy great food (definitely not…


Karissa Zigarovich

August 17, 2015

Karissa Zigarovich lives a life of adventure and travel. Her biggest adventure came this summer when she drove across the country, from NYC to Los Angeles, for her new role at ABC Family as Director of Consumer Insights. While in the past she’s travelled to Thailand, Barcelona, St Marten, Singapore and the beaches in southern…


Robert O’Neill

August 14, 2015

Comedy Central’s Robert O’Neill can fly–in a plane or helicopter that is. You can see him enjoying some time in the sky in the photo above. “I love summer Fridays because I can fly to LA early and see my family,” Rob tells us. You may also be surprised to learn that this executive has…

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Joe Bell

August 12, 2015

Comcast’s VP of the South Valley technical operations group, Joe Bell, loves sports. “My favorite sport is football and I’ve had the pleasure of coaching for the last 5 years in a head coach capacity,” he tells us. Above, you can see the kids he coaches—a team which has also won multiple championships. After moving…


Jill Underhill

August 10, 2015

Jill Underhill, Crown Media Family Networks’ SVP of on-air promotions, is the proud mom of four boys. She adopted three of her kids from other countries: Russia, Ukraine, and Guatemala. Some years Jill has fun planning complex Christmas cards where the whole family dresses up in authentic period costumes. The 1970’s-inspired photo above is from…


Ramnik Kamo

August 7, 2015

Ramnik Kamo, the CMO of Imagine Communications, has been leading the Indian festival for Dussehra in Morrisville, NC, for the last 4 years. The annual cultural event features live story reenactments, a laser show, fireworks and the burning of the 36-foot hand-built effigy seen above. Ramnik tells us that the event itself celebrates the triumph…


Erin Mechanic

August 5, 2015

Erin Mechanic, Spike TV’s new development producer on the original series team, tells us she’s obsessed with pop culture. Random trivia is her specialty, a skill Erin “gleefully employs at game nights with friends.” From Nicolas Cage to the Golden Girls, from Britney Spears to Grindhouse cinema, Erin knows the inside scoop. In the pic…


Robin Pelleck

August 3, 2015

Robin Pelleck, the VP of digital content for TNT and TBS original programming, is an adjunct professor at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. She teaches graduate-level classes in TV and digital content. “I love it way more than I ever thought I would and it’s true what they say, the teacher does become…


Charlie Dixon

July 30, 2015

Charlie Dixon loves Howard Stern celebrity interviews–and he’s got a whole series on his phone. Fox Sports’ EVP of content says that Stern gives the best interviews on the planet. “If you haven’t heard his Madonna or Arnold Schwarzenegger interviews then you are missing out. As you can see in the cute pic above, Charlie…


Damon Williams

July 27, 2015

Music Choice’s new SVP of programming strategy and partnerships Damon Williams loves muscle cars. He currently owns the beauty seen above, a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 with a 455 motor. Damon bought the car in 2010 and spent two years fixing it up and customizing it to his liking. It certainly paid off: The car has…

sports & health

Rachel Gary

July 17, 2015

As the new director of media strategy and communications at ONE World Sports, Rachel Gary is a big fan of the industry she delves in every day. Her passion for sports was sparked at the age of eight when she began competitive swimming, which continued through her teenage years and included time as a synchronized…

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