Verizon vs Cablevision Advertising

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The National Advertising Division has recommended that Verizon modify some of its ad claims after Cablevision challenged statements that appear in some commercials and print ads. The NAD examined express and implied claims that included “FiOS’ download speeds are twice as fast as Cablevision’s,” “FiOS is ‘Rate #1’ for ‘speed, customer satisfaction and reliability,’” and ”FiOS is ‘the fastest Internet service provider in the nation’ by a wide margin.” NAD said that Verizon provided adequate support for claims that its 500/100mbps tier is 4 times faster than Cablevision’s 101/35 tier (each company’s top tier of service), but said it was concerned Verizon didn’t clearly communicate that the 500mbps service is its top tier of service. NAD also recommended that Verizon modify its claims that it was Rated #1 in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction to make it clear the claim is based on customer satisfaction ratings of consumers’ own ISPs’ performance. NAD recommended that Verizon modify its “2X Faster” claims or its “Fastest Internet Service Provider in the Nation” claims to disclose that the claim is based upon aggregating speed results over tiers of service or a comparison of the fastest speed tiers of Verizon against its cable competitors. Verizon said it’s pleased NAD determined its claims that the FiOS 500/100 Mbps service is superior to Cablevision for uploading data and other claims are substantiated, but “respectfully disagrees with NAD’s recommendation that Verizon modify the disclosures provided in connection with these claims.” Verizon said it will take the recommendations into consideration.

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