Vickie Fiala

Fiala has led the charge for the evolution of the company’s digital phone product since she joined TWC in 2004. She plays a key role in the consolidation of all circuit ordering into one group including voice, data, backbone, commercial NaviSite and internal circuits.  “The most important aspect of mentoring is trust and confidentiality,” she says.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?

The most important aspect of mentoring is trust and confidentiality.


What/who inspires you at work? What/who inspires you outside the office?

At work, I am inspired by my team, who everyday challenge themselves and each other to raise the bar, partner across organizations and get the job done, while still having fun. Outside the office, I am inspired by my daughter, niece and granddaughters to do everything I possibly can to attain gender equality in the workplace.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

Long walks, red wine and pedicures.


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