Vicki Marts

When it comes to mentoring, open and honest communication matters the most to Marts. “Although it sounds simple, sometimes those ‘courageous conversations’ can be challenging for both participants,” she says. Marts has tried a little of everything during her 30-plus years at Cox. A leader in the cable tech space, she started her cable career in 1985, working her way through the ranks as an installer, service technician, systems tech and digital services supervisor.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?

Open, honest communication – although it sounds simple, sometimes those “courageous conversations” can be challenging for both participants.


What/who inspires you at work?

My boss, Larry Dexter – providing a great example of “Balanced Leadership” which I try to emulate every day.


What/who inspires you outside the office?

Enjoying the great outdoors with Jeff, my husband of 31 years.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

Bass fishing.


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