Michelle L. Rice

After growing the indie network to 57 million subscribers, Rice secured multiyear renewals with key distributors, including Charter in the spring, and Verizon and NCTC this fall. She also crafted the network’s TVE and new media strategy, critical for future growth. Rice has her eyes set on international distribution for TV One as the network’s original programming hours continue to increase and diversify.


Where are the biggest growth areas for women in cable? 

The biggest growth areas for women in cable are technology and entrepreneurship. As content distribution platforms and technology transform our industry, we need women innovators at the table. If we can’t get a seat at the table, then we must build our own table.


 What’s the most important aspect of mentoring? 

It’s important to know that mentoring is a two-way learning and growth relationship. Additionally, if possible, women should try to move beyond mentoring to sponsoring, which is a real commitment to ensuring another woman succeeds.


What/who inspires you at work? What/who inspires you outside the office? 

Fearlessness inspires me at work.  Kindness inspires me outside of the office.


Best trick for maintaining the personal-professional life balance?

Keeping a picture of my beautiful kids on my desk at work.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

A glass of red wine and a good book.


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