Lisa Schwartz

A passionate development exec and advocate of boundary-pushing distribution models, Schwartz has established Sundance Selects and IFC Films as industry leaders. She’s been a key driver in the launch and growth of pre-theatrical VOD, day-and-date with theatrical, and a day-and-date with DVD release model. “Mentoring can happen naturally with people on your team every day,” she says.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?

Not getting caught up in formalizing the process too much. Mentoring can happen naturally with people on your team every day. It’s about recognizing talent and taking time to provide feedback and suggested approaches to help them become even more successful and accomplished.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

Going for a 5-mile run while listening to my favorite music.


Best trick for maintaining the personal-professional life balance? 

Making plans!!!  When you plan a fun dinner or get away with family and friends it gives you something to look forward to outside of work and makes you more balanced while you’re at work!


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