Debi Picciolo

Picciolo oversees TWC’s field operations organization, implementing best practices across the entire technical operations organization. Her tech support team inspires her. When one learned that a customer had a broken TV, he rallied co-workers to chip in and buy her a new one. “That’s inspirational,” she says.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?

Trust is critical in building a mentor/mentee relationship.


What/who inspires you at work? What/who inspires you outside the office?

At work, our frontline teams (Technicians, Call Center Representatives) inspire me every day. They have the toughest job in the industry and the stories of going above and beyond are inspiring. One of the most recent stories was a tech that went to an elderly customer’s home and found out it was actually a problem with the TV and it needed to be replaced. That customer was on a fixed income and couldn’t afford a new TV and was going to have to cancel service. That tech came back to the office later that day and gathered many of his co-workers and they all pitched in to buy a new TV for this elderly woman. That’s inspirational. Outside the office, it’s my son. He is a true inspiration; his attitude and his fight are awe-inspiring.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

Going for a long walk with my daughter and talking about the day, the future and life in general.  It’s a great way to end the day!


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