Dale Hopkins

Hopkins is leading the charge to ensure GSN thrives in an environment of OTT players, direct to consumer SVOD and continuing distribution growth. Under her watch GSN posted its fourth consecutive year of distribution growth. Among her current areas of focus is licensing content from GSN’s YouTube channel “Door3” and integrating GSN Games assets into MVPD owned sites and apps.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?

Common knowledge….so the relationship is meaningful.  Need to find bridges to connect so you can transfer knowledge.


What/who inspires you at work? What/who inspires you outside the office?

Inspiration in and outside the office are the same for me.  I don’t separate them. What inspires me the most is fear of failure.


Best trick for maintaining the personal-professional life balance?

I don’t separate—it’s a continuum


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

I don’t unwind.


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