Christina Miller

Miller’s arrival as chief of Cartoon has packed a serious punch—and we’re not just talking about the reboot of “The Powerpuff Girls” debuting next year. With a 360-degree strategy that keeps kids engaged across platforms, the Turner kids net has experienced strong ratings growth in an age of drastically shifting viewing habits. Miller lauds her team as “creative, curious, dynamic, smart, brave and fun!”


Where are the biggest growth areas for women in cable?

There is no one place. I’d like to think that every area in cable has great growth for women.


What’s the most important aspect of mentoring?



What/who inspires you at work? What/who inspires you outside the office?

My team… creative, curious, dynamic, smart, brave and fun!!!


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

Art therapy, theatre (I am obsessed with “Hamilton”), museums, yoga/spa.


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