Aimee Viles

If anyone knows the constant changes in the media landscape, it’s Viles. She spearheads all of Bravo and Oxygen’s emerging media efforts and focuses on creating digital destinations that connect the audience with the content on the right platform. She is the driving force behind many of the nets’ biggest accomplishments, including on-air, wireless, interactive TV and other initiatives. How does she unwind? “Pull out my bike and go for a ride on a favorite trail.”


Where are the biggest growth areas for women in cable?

Women can be the agent of change bringing a fresh perspective to defining the consumer experience – in addition to the types of content consumed. This interaction with our customers has become increasingly paramount to growing our businesses in a complex media landscape.


Best trick for maintaining the personal-professional life balance?

Professional – personal life balance is not a long term goal but rather the daily choices I make on where to spend my energy that day – and what is most important. Some days it’s the meeting, a project or presentation but other days it’s the time with friends and family.


Your favorite trick for unwinding?

My favorite trick for unwinding is to pull out my bike and go for a ride on a favorite trail. Nothing takes away my stress and resets my mind like getting outside and taking a break from the emails, meetings, and conference calls.


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