Jennifer Gerstenblatt

ABC Family’s Jennifer Gerstenblatt, VP of current programming, has had quite a few unique experiences while traveling. “I take two weeks off yearly to travel and it shocks everyone because I literally check out. It takes a couple days to wean off email, but eventually it happens,” she said. Two weeks is the perfect amount of time for her to get away and feel refreshed before heading back to work.

As you can see from the photo above, this exec has traveled near and far. Jennifer lived in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel once for a month when shooting E!’s first true reality show, “Nearly Famous: Las Vegas Showgirls.” The trip was officially deemed memorable after everyone got to dress up like showgirls. Another notable experience was traveling with her mother for the first time. “As close as we are, I never knew half as much about her, her family and her childhood as I do after spending that time with her,” she told us.

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