Cameron Larson

Crown Media Family Networks’ Cameron Larson, director of original programming, is a cooking and baking connoisseur. There are no bounds to the styles of food he tries. “Italian, Chinese, French… if it sounds and looks like it will taste good, I’ll try and make it,” he said. Cameron’s first job was working as a baker and he has tried baking most things. He finds that there is less freedom in baking and not as much room to experiment, so he’s become pretty selective on what to make.

His kitchen passion has led to a self-run baking company called “Dude Bakes Like a Lady.” Cameron tells us that the ridiculous name started as a joke, but people responded positively to it and found the name funny.  Last year, a few holiday baking menus were floating around town to various studios, agencies and production companies during Thanksgiving and Christmas. You could say Cameron had his hands full, between trying to be an indie producer, working in production and development and baking for all the orders he received. “I love how happy good food makes people, so when I have the chance (and time) to do it, I’m all over it,” he added.

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