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Scripted Unreality…

The thirst for something “new” in the Golden Age seems to have pushed top creatives to take risks that never would have flown in the past.

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HBO Chief Sees Big Growth Ahead in Merger’s Wake

Speaking at Mobile World Congress Americas, HBO chief Richard Plepler sounded liberated from the financial restraints of the iconic network’s past.

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Raelle Tucker Delves into Facebook’s ‘Sacred Lies’

Facebook’s “Sacred Lies” suggests the platform is serious about going toe to toe with the more than 500 other scripted shows out there.

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Three Stories in the Valley

You can’t be sure of much these days, but rest assured that “Valley of the Boom” will be one weird and wacky experience when the six-part limited series premieres on Nat Geo in a few months (date TBD).

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Katie Daryl Helps Cement AXS TV’s Rock Cred

Perhaps one of the most unsung heroes of the L.A. music scene is Katie Daryl, a producer and on-air host whose music-themed shows on AXS TV have helped to define the network in recent years as a destination for all things classic rock.

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Programmer’s Page: Netflix Shoots for Emmy Nods with ‘FYSEE’ Campaign

Most traditional TV nets hold one or two low-key events, Netflix has taken the process to a new level of pageantry with its cutely named “FYSEE” campaign.

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Programmer’s Page: Melrose Base…

Showtime’s “Patrick Melrose” has a depiction of a damaged spoiled British dude would impress both Hunter S. Thompson and Cheech & Chong.

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Programmer’s Page: Striving Toward ‘Genius’

It can be hard to pinpoint genius. Nat Geo has asked that question since it launched the first iteration of its “Genius” anthology scripted series.

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