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Programmer’s Page: Netflix Shoots for Emmy Nods with ‘FYSEE’ Campaign

Most traditional TV nets hold one or two low-key events, Netflix has taken the process to a new level of pageantry with its cutely named “FYSEE” campaign.

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Programmer’s Page: Melrose Base…

Showtime’s “Patrick Melrose” has a depiction of a damaged spoiled British dude would impress both Hunter S. Thompson and Cheech & Chong.

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Programmer’s Page: Striving Toward ‘Genius’

It can be hard to pinpoint genius. Nat Geo has asked that question since it launched the first iteration of its “Genius” anthology scripted series.

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Cable Hall of Fame: Honorees Emphasize Support, Family

The Ziegfield Ballroom in NYC put on its cable top-hat Wednesday night for The Cable Center’s Hall of Fame celebration to induct this year’s honorees.

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A truTV Oasis of Peak Comedy

One net that firmly latched onto this trend in the last couple years is truTV, which started as a reality TV hub but has since gone all in on the lighter side.

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Seeing Red with YouTube’s Susanne Daniels

Susanne Daniels may come from traditional media, but her current gig at YouTube means she looks at everything through a slightly different lens.

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Spinning Plates: Glut of Buyers, Platforms Forces Flexibility

But in 2018, content creators can no longer conceive of a cool show and then rinse and repeat the same pitch in 100 different rooms.

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‘Impulse’: A Survivor’s Sci-Fi Tale…

It’s clear that the movement that spurred the #MeToo and #TimesUp hashtags shows no signs of letting up. And as this important conversation continues into 2018, YouTube Red ’s sci-fi thriller series “Impulse” will no doubt help keep that conversation going when it premieres this summer.

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