Verizon Delivers Connected Home Services

Verizon went live with its Home Monitoring and Control service today, which is leveraging Motorola Mobility’s 4Home technology.

Motorola’s 4Home software platform, powering Verizon’s new services, is embedded into the gateway included in each Verizon service kit. The software communicates with Motorola’s portal server solution to provide real-time support for the home monitoring, control and energy management services.

The solution is composed of two main elements: client software and a portal server. The client software sits locally on the home network, embedded into a device. The server software resides in the cloud. These two components maintain real-time communication to allow carriers to remotely manage installations to their user base and to allow consumers to manage their home from anywhere with multiple user interfaces. (For more, see Home Monitoring: Control and Security Come Of Age).

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