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WWE's SummerSlam 2013 rocked the Staples Center last weekend, and having all that wrestling talent in Los Angeles at one time created a perfect promotional storm for E!'s reality show “Total Divas” about female wrestlers whose athleticism is perhaps matched only by their beauty. Never one to avoid the most grueling assignments, I attended a special lunch with several of the Divas, all part of my selfless desire to do whatever it takes to “get the story.” No strangers to cameras, these women found out that reality TV amps it up. Diva Brie Bella remembers walking into a restaurant in New York with a camera crew. “Everybody was like 'ugh',” she recalls. “And I'm like 'Oh no, I'm that girl'!” But she likes that fans can get a peek behind the veneer of her and her twin sister's WWE characters: “This is the first time that people can see how different we actually are.” Diva Natalie Neidhart says the cameras have been almost “therapeutic” because “you are forced to confront things more so than you would… I think it brought [husband] T.J. and I closer together.” She and Bella both marvel at how much footage E! captures. “You wonder why they're filming so much, but it's to capture that moment you never expected they would get,” says Neidhart. Diva-in-training Natalie EvaMarie Nelson says the toughest part is all the travel. “Not everybody can do it,” she says. “It is literally the survival of the fittest.” But Neidhart says “the rewards are huge… You get to travel the world, meet famous people, touch people's lives and grant wishes to kids… you get to have your hair and makeup done every day and buy beautiful clothing and be adored by millions of people.” She pauses for a moment. “But you're away from your family, and you never get to sleep in your own bed.” They're hardly complaining. “I've never had anything like this happen to me, not anything close,” says Nelson. “And I'm seriously loving every minute of it.” — Michael Grebb

“Strike Back,” Fri, 10p, Cinemax. In its first two seasons, we lauded action-packed “Strike Back” for its exotic locales and unusual characters. In season 3, new addition Robson Green is a plus, offsetting stale dialogue wedged between well-staged gun play. Strike remains an escapist hoot. — “Secret Life of Dogs,” Sun, 9p, Nat Geo Wild. High blood pressure, cancer, depression, search-rescue; dogs help with all these. A pooch even feeds lambs in this fact-filled, gorgeously-shot special loaded with great stories. Dog lovers shouldn't miss it. — “Surviving Evil,” series premiere, Wed, 10p, Investigation Discovery. Charisma Carpenter hosts, beginning with her own harrowing story about facing a sexual predator. — “Branded,” Tues, 8p ET, ESPN. The strongest part of ESPN's film about women in sports is its end, where Gabby Reece and LoLo Jones speak frankly about double standards. Strong, too, is the net allowing the film to quote a '09 study that says “SportsCenter” devoted barely 1% of its time to women's sports. — Notable: Last year's “VMAs” grabbed 6mln viewers and topped all TV with persons 12-34. This year's talent fest (Sun, 9p, MTV) includes Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry. — ESPN's “Little League World Series” coverage remains addicting. ABC has the finals this weekend, but ESPN gets the consolation game (11a, Sun). – Seth Arenstein

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