LTE Device Includes IEEE 1588/PTP Tests

Anue Systems, a Texas-based test-and-measurement provider, launched the Anue 3500 v1.1, designed to analyze mobile-backhaul and Carrier Ethernet network equipment.

Upcoming Long Term Evolution networks will require the accurate delivery of synchronization and time-of-day information through Carrier Ethernet-based mobile-backhaul networks using such new technologies as IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet, which Anue Systems says require new methods of performance testing. The company calls its Anue 3500 v1.1 “the industry’s most comprehensive IEEE 1588/PTP performance testing solution available, testing both frequency stability and time-of-day accuracy under real-world conditions.”

Here’s what Anue says the device can do:
>> Time-of-day and frequency-stability testing,
>> Full real-time measurement and analysis with automatic pass/fail results,
>> Test automation API and
>> Higher Ethernet test-port count.

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