KPN Deploys Cisco's CRS-3

Dutch service provider KPN has chosen the Cisco CRS-3 multi-chassis carrier routing system for the heart of its Internet peering network. The CRS-3 solution will transport all of KPN’s IP traffic to the Internet as part of KPN’s Internet Cluster Environment, supporting future consolidation and streamlining the network and services without the need for extra system upgrades.

KPN is the largest service provider in the Netherlands and offers services across fixed and mobile to businesses and consumers. Its focus for future expansion is on the demand for video over the Internet and ensuring that its network can support these requirements.

Offering up to 322 Tbps, the multi-chassis CRS-3 provides a future-proof solution for KPN, enabling nearly unlimited network growth, and supporting the continued growth on Internet traffic in the years to come. All of KPN’s Internet traffic will go through two core locations – the current architecture as set up with Cisco covers the replacement and upgrade of network capacity until 2020.

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