IPITEK Intros New Wireless Backhaul Product

IPITEK has introduced a number of new features specifically tuned for wireless backhaul for its Carrier Ethernet Services Platform (MSP-CES). These new features ensure a high operational robustness and significantly increase flexibility by allowing its users to select the synchronization approaches that best fit their applications.

Featuring both synch-E and the latest IEEE 1588-2008, IPITEK’s product is a modular, multi-service platform for carrier-grade Ethernet. The new features also include a 10G switch module, adding 10G capacity to backhaul rings. This integrated platform helps to meet the critical and urgent needs of mobile and wireless backhaul networks, which are facing ever-increasing high bandwidth demand as a result of wireless consumer electronics and applications that go considerably beyond other bandwidth-hungry services such as Internet access, video and gaming.

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