How To Double Your Optical-Network Capacity

Next-gen optics provider Ekinops says it has a transponder that can help operators double the capacity over their optical networks, with a lower cost per 10 G. The new transponder will carry two standard 10 Gs in the ITU-standard 50-GHz grid.? 

The Ekinops 20G transponder reportedly allows service providers to install two 10 G circuits where they could previously install only a single 10G service, thus doubling the network’s capacity. It can be used on existing Ekinops networks or over third-party line systems. The technology takes advantage of Ekinops’ DynaFEC (Dynamic Forward Error Correction), allowing it to be deployed over existing line systems even if they utilize older, poorer-performing fiber.? ?

"While 100 G will take many years to replace 10 G as the primary service rate, it is refreshing that Ekinops is heavily concentrating on making practical improvements on a more vital and valuable type of solution," notes Mark Lutkowitz, principal at Telecom Pragmatics. "The bulk of capital expenditures on optical equipment by carriers will remain based on 10 G technology for an extensive period of time."? 

According to the manufacturer, “The Ekinops 20G transponder costs significantly less per 10 G circuit than existing 10 G transponders available on the market. The performance-enhancing capability of DynaFEC also offers additional cost-saving benefits, especially by eliminating regeneration points on older line systems.”?

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