Don't Fall Into This Boob-y Trap

Nielsen foresees the number of US TV homes declining to 114.7mln in ?12?marking the 1st decline ever and perhaps a result of the proliferation of alternative viewing platforms?but let?s not write off the boob tube just yet. For one thing, the number of multi-set homes is expected to continue rising, and for another Nielsen said the number of TV homes will fall ?due to the realignment of the TV universe with the 2010 Census.? Of importance, however, is that the number of overall wired cable homes is projected to fall this year and next, to 70.8mln and 69.4mln, although digital cable homes are seen rising from 52.6mln in ?10 to 58.6mln in ?12 (see data below). DBS HHs, meanwhile, are projected to continue a steady incline, as are HD penetration and PC access at home and away. In any event, household TV viewing rose to more than 59 hours/week during the most recent season (see below), so don?t send any get-well wishes to the TV industry just yet. ? ?


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