CableFAX: 94. Man in Demand: Rob Jacobson

Rob Jacobson
Title: President/CEO, iN Demand Networks
Last Year: #86
Age: 47
Education: U of CA, Santa Barbara

Why Him? Jacobson followed his exhaustive MLB Extra Innings negotiations by leading iN Demand to its most successful year, generating more than $1bln in gross retail revenue for affiliates. He beefed up PPV with delivery of more than 150 sporting events. And, yes, negotiations were back on his docket, this time with the NHL, NBA and MLS. Jacobson’s obsession is building — and eventually running — a massive virtual online store of TV and film titles for Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Bummer: Having to kill MOJO

Year Ahead:
iN Demand is expanding its "virtual video store" for Comcast et al, developing additional SVOD products, and pushing new subscription models.

Cable’s Biggest Challenge: Reining in the rampant availability of free content on the Web

Best Business Advice Received: In solving problems, don’t be afraid to see the other side’s point of view

Favorite Food: Oysters

Favorite Restaurant: Rao’s

Favorite Music: Anything by Van Morrison

Last Book Read: The Given Day by Dennis Lehane

In ’09 I Resolve To: Be more adventurous

Philosophy: When it’s no longer fun, it’s time to move on

Favorite Word: Authenticate

Least Favorite Word: Triangulate


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