Patricia Martin

Martin is whip-smart and in the know on all the latest communications trends. She has led several national efforts to advance Cox, including leading the first market rollout of Go All-Digital, a new digital video services platform; establishing the first national team of virtual construction estimators; and, setting up Cox’s first generation video back office national center of excellence. For 2018, she expects cybersecurity will be on everyone’s minds. “The world has changed, and the security around it will need to change as well,” she says.

What industry topic do you think will dominate industry headlines in 2018 and why?

I definitely think that cybersecurity will dominate the headlines in 2018. The world has changed, and the security around it will need to change as well.

What is one way the industry can continue to evolve in ridding itself of gender discrimination?

I think the industry will continue to evolve as more and more male leaders continue to champion diversity and help establish and equal playing field.

What famous woman, living or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?

Katharine Graham, I think she was fascinating to live and learn to lead through the time that she did with a major newspaper and family.

What is your best advice for relieving stress?

Keep calm, stress is just a quick moment in time.  It’ll be over before you know it.

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