Michael Powell

With everything from net neutrality to broadband infrastructure being the hot topics of conversation, both Polka and Powell continue to have their hands full. ACA recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, coming together at its annual Summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss how the association can do its part to assist in closing the digital divide and ensuring independent operators are heard. The group also has continued its fight against Title II regulations, supporting FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s planned rollback. Powell has extended his contract with NCTA for another three years, solidifying his place as a leader for the communications and content industries now and in the future. He’s been a thought leader on issues including the recent data privacy concerns following the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and, of course, net neutrality, where he’s called for Congress to step in with a legislative remedy. Powell, a former chairman of the FCC, joined the cable trade group in 2011.

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