Liz Soriano

The Why? In two years as Executive Sponsor of A+E’s Employee Resource Group Council, Soriano has added six new ERGs—Black at A+E, Familia, Asian Community of Excellence, Women, Global Connectedness and Prime Timers—to its initial two: Pride and Open Minds. Since then, she’s begun exploring the need for an additional ERG focused on the neurodiverse community. Soriano also serves as executive advisor for 4UV, a new brand that celebrates diverse stores and content creators.

She Says… “Foster an environment that allows for safe conversation, debate, and learning.”

Book I wish everyone would read: “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon

Song from your earlier days that’s still on your playlist? Completely different eras, but they always come around for me: “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” by Elton John, “Just Like Heaven,” by The Cure, and “She’s A Rebel,” by Green Day

How can leadership best support DEI? Educate every level in the organization, from professionals to senior executives. Give equal focus to the learning of the individual aspects of DEI – what diversity, equity and inclusion each means. Acknowledge gaps, but create a clear, actionable plan for growth. Foster an environment that allows for safe conversation, debate, and learning. For leadership, this might mean moments of uncomfortable vulnerability, but that is everyone’s journey. And lastly, influence directly – how leaders show up means a lot.

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