Karen Bailey

Bailey has overseen production of some of Starz’s most successful recent projects, including historical fantasy “Outlander” and limited series “White Princess.” During her decade-long tenure with Starz, the North Carolina native helped build the company’s original programming department from the ground up in the competitive “Peak TV” era, using her invaluable experience as a feature producer to identify series for the premium channel. Asked to pick a famous woman to have dinner with, Bailey chose late culinary icon Julia Child, but with one stipulation: “Only if she is doing the cooking!”

What famous woman, living or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?
Dinner with Julia Child, of course! (but only if she is doing the cooking!)

Best advice for relieving stress?
Find an activity that is completely unrelated to what you do for work. Exercise a different part of your brain or body. It will force the overworked part to take a back seat for a little while.

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