Jennifer Mirgorod

The past year saw Mirgorod secure deals with new entrants to the video marketplace, such as pay-as-you-go satellite service Orby TV and YouTube TV. In her new role, she is responsible for the company’s portfolio of linear networks, premium channels and direct-to-consumer brands. When it comes to recruiting women and moving them into senior roles, she’s a big fan of WarnerMedia’s Conscious Inclusion training. “When you have a group of men and women together in this training, there are ‘eureka moments’ when both men and women realize their biases,” she says.

What specifically does your company do to support and elevate the women who work there?
WarnerMedia has a number of business resource groups, and Turner Women is the one that is focused on supporting women. Circle Mentoring is one of the best programs offered by Turner Women. Each “Circle” features two mentors and a group of employees who are typically at the same level in their careers (entry level, managers or directors). My circle is comprised of 12-manager level women from across the company. We meet every few weeks and have a structured plan covering a variety of topics throughout the year including Career Pathing, Change Management, Work/Life balance, Conscious Inclusion, etc.

How can the industry do a better job of recruiting women and ensuring they have a path to senior positions?
I have seen some success in my own company with Conscious Inclusion training involving both genders. When you have a group of men and women together in this training, there are “Eureka moments” when both men and women realize their biases. We all have them, and when faced with that realization together, both genders are able to have more constructive conversations about improving workplace diversity.

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?
I love this question, because I have a 13 year old daughter! I would tell myself, and I do tell her at the age of 13, that she should be bold and try new activities at school that are outside of her comfort zone. Middle school is a great time to figure out her passions and explore new opportunities whether that be new clubs, sports or leadership roles in the classroom or her grade. I’m also often reminding her to be kind in a world where kindness is too often taken for granted.

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