Frances Berwick

Berwick has long been a powerful force at NBCU, and she was awarded for her years of hard work with a promotion to the company’s top ranks in August. As a result, she skyrockets to the top of our list for the first time ever. Berwick now has operational oversight of all networks and serves as the queen of content for them all. Commissioning and acquiring content to be optimized across all of NBCU’s platforms is one of her top duties in the new role, and she’ll be working together with the rest of her team to implement revamped scheduling strategies across the board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Berwick has doubled down on her efforts to strengthen her connection with her team. “Accessibility and transparency are always important, but are particularly critical right now,” Berwick says. “I try to be as present as I can; video calls allow, even require you to be fully engaged and to be a better listener.”

What is one of your proudest moments during the pandemic? I’m really proud of how the team here and our external production partners came together to deliver seamless original content through the year, and how appreciative our viewers were.

How has your leadership style changed during the pandemic? Accessibility and transparency are always important but are particularly critical right now.  I try to be as present as I can; video calls allow, even require you to be fully engaged and to be a better listener.

If you were a teenager attending virtual classes right now, what advice would you give yourself? Probably the same I give to my team – this isn’t how most of us would wish to work or study but we can make it work and still accomplish and learn a lot.  And because I have a teenager, I’d maybe add get out of bed more than 3 minutes before you start your zoom class.   

What is the biggest factor needed to eliminate gender inequality in the workplace? Greater representation, particularly at senior levels, and pay equity is key to eliminating gender and racial inequality in the workplace.

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