Diane Morse

Head of all things legal, Morse’s team includes lawyers, paralegals and staff that’s responsible for all legal functions and ESPN’s business affairs efforts. She definitely knows what she’s doing, having spent 23 years at ESPN and working in nearly all of the areas of the company’s legal practice. You can thank Morse for negotiating many of ESPN’s largest programming acquisitions, as well as taking responsibility for legal matters in digital, production and newsgathering. She’s a big admirer of Michelle Obama, saying “she is extremely bright, authentic and is not afraid to speak her mind!”

What is one of your proudest moments during the pandemic? How my legal team responded and guided the business, not only ensuring compliance with our contractual and other obligations but tackling new challenges like COVID-related protocols and whatever else was thrown their way!

Some research has suggested COVID-19 may set women in the workplace back half a decade. How can we ensure the progress made isn’t erased? By providing more flexibility and support for women in the workplace so they are not forced to choose between working and staying home.

Who is a female celebrity you admire and why? Michelle Obama. She is extremely bright, authentic and is not afraid to speak her mind!

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