Becky Clements

By the end of 2021, Clements and the Tomorrow Studios team will have the following star-studded roster of talent and shows on air: Jennifer Connelly and Leslie Hope on “Snowpiercer” on HBO Max, Rose Byrne and producing director Stephanie Laing on “Physical” for Apple TV+, Esme Creed-Miles on “Hanna” and Daniella Pineda on the studio’s first TV adaptation of an anime treatment, “Cowboy Bebop” for Netflix. “We strive to showcase strong women and to bring diversity to all of our sets,” she says. Aside from its list of leading ladies, Tomorrow Studios also is at work on the company’s first adult animation series, “10-Year-Old Tom.”

How would you rate the industry regarding gender bias in shows/characters?
There’s always more work to be done but the industry continues to do better, certainly from when I first started in the business. With Tomorrow Studios, I’m proud to have such strong leading ladies and incredible diversity with our series—on both sides of the camera. From Jennifer Connelly, an all-star cast and Leslie Hope on “Snowpiercer” to Rose Byrne and our producing director Stephanie Laing for “Physical,” from Esme Creed-Miles on “Hanna” to Daniella Pineda on “Cowboy Bebop,” we strive to showcase strong women and to bring diversity to all of our sets, and we’re supported by the networks and streamers.

Do you have an example of male allyship that made a difference to you?
I’d be remiss to not say Marty Adelstein. We share a vision for acquiring substantial IP with a global reach and bringing the best talent and team to each project. He has supported my creative choices, pursuit of projects and we share a great mutual respect, as well as a love for making great television. Since launching Tomorrow Studios together seven years ago, he has always championed me, as I have him, and I think it shows with the work we do.

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