Ann Carlsen

Years in Cable: 6

Education: University of Colorado, BS — Journalism

One Word that Best Describes Me: Connected

A master of finding the right talent and cultural fit for companies and organizations, Carlsen contin­ues to help drive leadership across the cable in­dustry. Having placed more than 2,100 executives and rising stars in critical roles over the span of three decades, she is also a passionate champion of diversity, and founded the Telecommunications Diversity Network among other ventures.

The biggest innovation in cable over the last year: Introduction of DOCSIS 3.1

My dream would be… for theater seats to be connected to the Internet of Things so it could temporarily disable audience cell phones.

Virtual reality is… pretty cool, but not as cool as actual reality.

What was your first job? Knocking on doors at United Cable in Denver

Favorite charity I work with: Freedom Services Dogs

“Star Trek” celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. So if Mr. Spock’s motto is “Live Long and Prosper,” mine is… Hire Well AND Prosper

If this election year was a reality TV series, it would be called… “The Biggest Loser”

My favorite hashtag is: #AHirePower

My personal theme song is: “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”

Favorite vacation spot: Great Camano, British Virgin Isles

My Starbucks order: Venti sugar-free vanilla, soy latte, 2 shots

Honored For: