Andrea Greenberg

Years in Industry: 36

Education: BA, Economics, Brandeis University

In 2018 and into 2019, Greenberg secured digital distribution with all of the major affiliates for MSG GO. It marked the first time MSG Networks’ full complement of live NBA and NHL games—featuring the Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Devils and Sabres—were made available for digital distribution. With the dramatic rise in popularity of esports this past year, she has brought viewers and gamers unique access to New York’s NBA franchise with Knicks Gaming.

What item in your home or office most “sparks joy” in you? The pictures of my children

Best brand campaign you’ve seen lately? Oreos “Game of Thrones” campaign

Celebrity would you like to see on “The Masked Singer” and what would their costume be? Walt “Clyde” Frazier wearing Mike Breen’s clothing

Last show binged not on your networks: “Fauda” on Netflix

Last linear content you watched live: Sports on MSG Networks

How do you stay motivated in your job? Surround myself with the best people in the business who continue to innovate.

Honored For: