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Cablefax: The Magazine is accepting nominations for the 2nd Work Culture List edition. In the 2019 issue, Cablefax honored Innovative & Engaging Employers who are making work more than a job.  This recognition program pulls back the curtain to give a glimpse at the culture behind the company names, shining a light on the magic that happens when work enhances your life.

In this age of disruption and “peak TV,” cable, media and content companies face an unprecedented level of competition for the best and brightest. That’s why Cablefax is seeking nominations for The 2020 Work Culture List, the definitive guide to the most innovative and attractive work environments in the business, creating a benchmark of excellence in a number of specific categories.

The Work Culture List

This recognition program evaluates companies based on a number of criteria, honoring those who excel in specific areas such as:

  • What makes your organization a top place to work in the industry.
  • How growth opportunities at your company make a real difference when it comes to retention, continuing education, mentorship, recruitment and other worthy initiatives.
  • How your company or agency offers unique or noteworthy benefits above and beyond traditional health insurance, 401K programs, etc.
  • How your diversity initiatives help shape your corporate culture and environment, including how it affects senior positions and your board of directors.
  • How your company gives back to the community.

We also want to hear about other noteworthy areas where your company truly excels in:

  • Retention
  • Mentorship
  • Recruiting
  • LBTGQ Initiatives
  • Veterans Initiatives
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Connection
  • Unique Work Environment
  • Corporate Wellness

Tell else what else we should know about your work culture.

Nominate a Vendor or Partner that Enhances Your Work Culture.

  • Corporate Healthcare Provider
  • Training/Education Vendor
  • Payroll Vendor
  • Research Partner
  • Executive Coach
  • Recruitment Firm
  • E-Learning Tool

Which Employees are Cornerstone to Your Work Culture?

  • Mentoring Champion
  • Employee Spirit Hero
  • HR Professional of the Year

All companies that touch media, content, cable and broadband are eligible for inclusion on this prestigious list. In today’s fast-paced environment amid record low unemployment, top talent can pick and choose where to work and live. The Work Culture List is the perfect tool for job seekers, as well as a way for employers to tout their commitment to workplace excellence. We look forward to your submission!

Free to Nominate!
Deadline: Dec. 13

Submit Nominations


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