Entry Deadline: August 6
Final Deadline: August 13

About the Regional Rainmakers

The Cablefax Regional Rainmakers honors the operators, programmers, executives, associations and lobbyists who are making outstanding contributions at local and/or regional levels – be it in operations, affiliate sales, news and sports programming, state legislation, lobbying and more. Nothing informs, entertains and helps develop a community like regional media – and ours is the only benchmarking program to celebrate those who are leading this very special charge. 

These Awards will showcase the professionals who are harnessing and growing that influence, enriching their neighborhoods at the same time. The Regional Rainmakers will be featured in the September issue of Cablefax: Magazine along with the Top Operators. 


Review the full category list below. Our ‘copy and paste’ entry system allows you to easily enter your campaigns into multiple categories.

  • Company

      Regional Distributors
      Regional Networks
      Regional News Networks
      Regional Sports Networks
      State Association
  • Content

      Daily Sports Program
      High School Sports Programming
      Legislative Campaign
      Local Newscast
      Local Programming (non-news and non-sports)
      Local/Regional News App
      Local/Regional Sports App
      Public Affairs Programming
  • People

      Cable Locals News GM of the Year
      Lawyers/Lobbyists focused on Regional Issues
      Regional Affiliate Sales Executive
      Regional Operator Executive
      RSN GM of the Year
      State Association Board Member
      State Association Executive
  • General Entry Steps:

    Step 1: Sign in to your account, or create an account if you are a new entrant
    Step 2: Select the categories you wish to enter
    Step 3: Provide entry details
    Step 4: Submit criteria plus supporting materials
    Step 5: Pay entry fee and submit

    In Your Entry Submission Include: 

    Provide some details of the role in the region. If part of a larger parent organization, please include how the individual works both independently and within the organization.

    Please list specific achievements and efforts spearheaded by the person, company, division or content since January 1, 2020. Please include any examples of innovative thinking, sound judgment, flexibility, creativity and/or financial management (where applicable)

    Entry Details

    Eligibility Period: January 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021

    Entry Deadlines: 
    Deadline: August 6, 2021
    Final Entry Deadline: August 13, 2021

    Entry Fees: 
    $375 per entry.  *$150 additional fee applies to all entries submitted after August 6.

    Federal Tax ID: 

    Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are non-refundable. 

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