toby berlin

The house that Berlin built is a media consultancy that supports programmers, distributors, networks and institutional investors. In other words, a support that’s more vital than ever in the rapidly evolving media universe. Berlin knows a thing or two about navigating the waters of new ventures. She was among the first members of the team that launched the Sony PlayStation Vue, and she continues to consult with Sony on content acquisitions and partnerships today. She’d tell her 13-year-old self “that 99.9% of the things you will worry about will turn out just fine.”

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?
That 99.9% of the things you will worry about will turn out just fine.

Which current shows best reflects the kind of women’s roles you like to see and why?
 I love the character Marissa Gold on “The Good Fight.” She’s whip smart, when told “no” she figures out another way to get what she needs and she has a lot of heart. I also love the Diane Lockhart character on “The Good Fight.” She resilient, smart and took LSD to deal with her anxiety about the Trump-era. I mean that’s one way to handle stress! Finally, I loved the Julia Montague character in “The Bodyguard.” She was powerful and hard as nails but also had a soft side.

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