Sharri Berg

Hometown: Spring Valley, NY

Favorite Sports Team: Miami Dolphins

I want 30 seconds in an elevator with: Eric Clapton

If I bought Twitter, the first thing I’d do is… Change the name.

Pickleball or tennis? Pickleball. (Lower skill-level and commitment required).

Podcast or radio or audiobook? Podcast (but I’ll never give up radio).

TV intro you won’t skip? Any “Law & Order” franchise intro. Who would think of skipping the “dun-dun”?

Where do you work most frequently—home, office, road? Office

What impact could AI have on the industry’s future? There is tremendous upside in the speed and efficiency AI brings, and just as importantly, it will release the creativity and differentiation in our “people resources.” This freedom elevates our industry workforce while elevating the consumer experience with more and deeper content in close to real-time.

Biggest roadblock in fiber expansions? Similar to other sectors, the challenge of a robust and experienced workforce that can deliver these build-outs at the speed required.

Industry Top Priority for 2023: As Fast Channels continue to grow with more ubiquitous distribution, we will benefit from a more unified industry approach to audience measurement and reporting and for the common KPIs, ad tech optimization as we all look to monetize and grow our audiences across each individual platform.

Streaming app I use the most: I am partial to true crime thrillers and documentaries, so on any given day, I am shopping for the most intriguing shows across my top five platforms.

My best ideas come when… my mind is free, open and quiet, which is usually when I wake up, well-rested first thing in the morning with fresh ideas or late in the evening as I take stock of the day and set my priorities.

My prediction for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube: The ease of access will help attract an audience to sample as a supplemental service, but as we know, it all depends on how it scales.

My biggest irrational phobia: Frogs

Which website or app do you visit most when procrastinating? I am admitting to Instagram.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited? Israel

Last TV series watched: “The Glory”

What energy efficient technology do you think the industry would most benefit from? I love the idea of electric cars and am anxious to see how ubiquitous the adoption is as that industry grows.

Honored For: