Sarah Barnett

Barnett keeps climbing the ladder at AMC Networks, earning the promotion to her current role in November 2018. Under her guidance as former president of BBC America, the network’s “Killing Eve” grew 87% from its first to second season and was nominated for four Emmys this year, taking home one. She also led the way for the first female doctor on “Doctor Who,” which premiered in fall 2018. During the next year Barnett will continue to oversee AMC, BBC America, IFC and SundanceTV alongside AMC Premiere. “The Walking Dead” universe continues to expand with Barnett at the helm. The upcoming third TV series will follow two female protagonists, and AMC Studios Original Films is developing several movies. How can the industry do a better job bringing more women to senior positions? “Start by acknowledging that it’s not a level playing field,” says Barnett.

How can the industry do a better job of recruiting women and ensuring they have a path to senior positions?
Start by acknowledging that it’s not a level playing field.

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?
Wear sunscreen

Which current shows best reflect the kind of women’s roles you like to see and why?
“Pen15” because it’s genuinely original and unafraid and funny; “Succession” because women can be appalling too; and “Younger” because substance is given to a woman’s dreams and problems, and because it’s sparkling, savvy fun.

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