Reagan Feeney

Feeney’s influence in the live TV streaming space can be seen across many business models used industrywide. When strategizing, she always considers how her work can impact other elements of the business, and this extends to her work in championing those on her team and beyond.

“I’ve enjoyed Adam Grant’s books and find myself rereading them when I’m faced with difficult situations and in need of a strategy. ‘Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know’ is particularly compelling, as it helps us understand how we change our minds, let go of opinions that no longer serve us and become comfortable with flexibility.”

What inspired you to pursue a leadership role? I’ve always enjoyed bringing people together. I’m inspired by the possibility of making a positive impact, building amazing things and having fun while doing it. I have a deep sense of responsibility and find fulfillment in driving projects and solving challenges. I enjoy the camaraderie and relationships built by being in the trenches together and working through all the ups and downs.

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