Nancy Kanter

Years in Industry: 18

Education: BA, Theater & Film

Motto I Live By: If you’re not in over your head how will you know how tall you are.

Disney Channel remains a powerhouse in children’s media, largely thanks to Kanter’s work. The exec led Disney Junior to the No. 1 channel among Kids 2-7 for five years in a row, and during the past year launched “Muppet Babies” and “Fancy Nancy.” Upcoming Disney+ can expect a hefty share of content from Kanter, including “High School Musical: The Musical” series and Disney Junior series “The Rocketeer.” When she’s not immersed in kids programming, Kanter can be found watching anything on the Food Network (so long as it doesn’t have bacon in it!).

What item in your home or office most “sparks joy” in you? A Victoria Morris ceramic vase that when filled with flowers transports me to the South of France

Last show binged not on your networks: “Russian Doll”

Last linear content you watched live: The Oscars

Who would you cast to play yourself in the story of your life? Helen Mirren

Favorite podcast: “The New Yorker Radio Hour”

What quality do you look for when promoting someone? Honesty.

Honored For: