Michelle Upton

When the worldwide quarantine began in March, Upton was instrumental in helping halt 77 production in more than a dozen countries across the globe. Throughout the weekend of March 13, she activated a core production team who coordinated logistics for the safe exit of all production partners and their teams, successfully bringing home more than 300 hundred team members from locations as remote as Antarctica. Oh, and she did it with nine-year-old twins at home. Now, as production begins to reopen, Upton is handling the logistics—which vary by locale—to get things going again. That means keeping a constant pulse on travel restrictions and quarantine rules, while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Through it all, she’s put a focus on the culture of her team during COVID. “We do trivia night. We do Pictionary with my team twice a month,” she says. “But I’m also meeting with the lieutenants across the businesses once a week to make sure they’re clear on their priorities and empowering them and making sure they understand kind of where we are and where we’re going.”

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