Mary McLaughlin

McLaughlin leads multidisciplinary teams of more than 5,000 employees serving more than 2 million Comcast customers in the region. She’s focused on transforming the customer experience for each and every one of them. It’s not surprising, then, that she finds a service angle in the industry’s digital shift, which McLaughlin says is “not just in how we deliver our content, but how we interact with our customers.”

What industry topic do you think will dominate industry headlines in 2018 and why?
The digital shift—and not just in how we deliver our content, but how we interact with our customers. We know our customers’ time is valuable, and Comcast continues to roll out digital first options so customers can manage nearly all aspects of their account—including paying their bill, troubleshooting equipment or tracking their tech appointments—on their computers, tablets, smartphones or directly on their TV.

What famous woman, living or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?
Immaculee IIibagiza who is a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust. Her strength, faith and courage are remarkable, and I know that I’d leave the meal full both physically and spiritually.

Best advice for relieving stress?
Carve out time in your day for a walk, run or some other form of physical exercise.

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