Mandy Esposito

Years in Media & Broadband: 22

My personal superpower is: Empathy

How has the pandemic forever changed programming? Content creation is more important than ever. Viewers expect the same rapid delivery as they can receive on YouTube.

How many TikTok dances have you learned? Only one, but I’ve gotten really good at Just Dance!

My proudest professional achievement over the past 12 months is… Joining forces with a team of female leaders to create and execute a full business continuity plan that focused on providing uninterrupted customer service, while maintaining our employee’s safety. Ultimately, leading Hotwire to receive 2 Stevie Awards for Customer Service!

What habit are you keeping post-pandemic? I learned that staying home can be just as fun as a night out. During the Pandemic, we started family movie nights and cooking competitions with my 8 year old daughter, both will be sticking around until she’s bored of us.

If you could host a Clubhouse Chat with anyone, who would it be with? Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandburg, and Jason Silva Our topic would be Empowerment.

Favorite mask? Masks have replaced shoe shopping – I’d say my favorite is by artist David Schluss, fun colors with “Life is beautiful” written across it.

What show/movie hasn’t been rebooted that you wish would be? One of my favorite shows of all times is Northern Exposure. I have an affinity for rural Alaska, so I would gladly watch a reboot that show any day.

What’s the future of direct-to-consumer streaming look like? The pandemic has greatly influenced streaming. The concept of a film in theaters only is no longer the acceptable norm. Delivering that same film via a streaming service is the future. I will gladly pay theater prices to stream a new film from the comfort of home vs. sit alongside others in a common space theatre.

My comfort TV binge? I’m a Netflix girl and love all things food, travel, and fashion. My current favorite shows are: Chef’s Table, Next in Fashion, The Chef Show

Your pandemic theme song? “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” The Police

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Taking a foodie road trip from FL to NY, with a bonus food tour of Atlanta (one of my favorite foodie cities).

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