Lisa Barroso

There’s a popular adage that strong women are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down. Under that rule, Barroso wins the championship belt—or should we say the crown?

As SVP of Distribution & Partnership Marketing for Crown Media Family Networks’ three linear networks, SVOD service and burgeoning AVOD platform, she has more than enough on her plate: negotiating distribution deals, creating strategic partnerships and developing unique multiplatform marketing campaigns with affiliates. Yet she still makes it a priority to pursue professional advancement for her team, especially her female colleagues.

When the pandemic began, Barroso played a key role in uniting former WICT Riding Leaders and Betsy Magnus Leadership Institute graduates from Crown by hosting a monthly Zoom call to foster relationships among the company’s female colleagues at various professional levels. “The Hallmark brand is all about celebrating and honoring love, connection, relationship, and the meaningful moments in our lives. I saw an opportunity to create that connection for women in our organization who are actively pursuing and investing in their leadership development,” she says. “These gatherings will continue because the women have found value in building community and support around a shared experience and common interests.”

As a Women’s Advancement Champion, Barroso is quick to turn the spotlight on others. She credits the monthly Zoom gatherings as something borne out of the vision of Crown Media CEO Wonya Lucas and the executive leadership team, who she says are committed to “bringing employees together to create community around shared experiences and for the purpose of support, education and advocacy.”

Colleagues are quick to identify Barroso as one of the most vocal Crown Media executives regarding industry involvement and engagement, thus making her a key face of support and advocacy for the advancement of all colleagues. She’s been a part of the company for more than 21 years—and she views her role more as career karma. “The biggest influence on my career has been the dynamic, fearless and incredibly generous female leaders who invested in me, helped me grow, mentored me, exposed me to development opportunities or just gave me a seat at a table or a safe space to find my voice,” she says. “Whether through my role as a department leader, or via informal mentoring and sponsorship, I try to pay it forward with a focus on championing women to find confidence, be brave, take calculated risks, and be true to themselves as they navigate their career growth.”

Barroso’s involvement with WICT over the years helped create a firm foundation for her to lift up other women. From early on, she was encouraged to participate in WICT programming for local chapter events as well as the Rising Leaders program, Signature Luncheons, Leadership Conferences and BMLI. “At every turn I could see right in front me what was possible for women in our industry. I was inspired by their stories and the camaraderie, and more importantly, by the impact they had,” she says. “When I was too green to do it on my own, WICT gave me a set of leadership principles to lean in to with their WICT Touchstones, and they still remain guiding principles for me today.”

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