Richardson has built a unique cross network team of marketing strategists and production personnel who are taking three of Discovery Networks’ top brands to the next level. The work Richardson has done on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” extends well into pop culture each year. The most recent spot she shot with Michael Phelps, as his race time was compared against that of a shark’s, inspired creative across various outlets. Her favorite TV character is “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope, “a strong, powerful, rule-breaker,” Richardson says.

Who is your favorite current female TV character and why?
This is a really tough question. I think female characters have in recent years, started to reflect strong, independent women. I really like that! Television was stuck in a lot of stereotypes for a long time. I thought about trying to list a combo of characters, however I will try to follow the directions (for once) and just say one. Olivia Pope from Scandal played by Kerry Washington is my current favorite female character on TV. She is strong, powerful, a rule-breaker, a get-it-done, doesn’t-take-no-for-an-answer woman. She is full of solutions, she acts on impulse, takes chances and deals with the consequences later. While she is certainly not perfect, full of flaws, has a lot of baggage and doesn’t always do the right thing…Olivia Pope is a force.

Best advice for relieving stress?
My best advice for relieving stress is remembering to do it! Modern life is full of fast-paced, full schedules that cause stress. Scheduling time to relieve stress is the only way it happens for me. Making sure I carve out specific time in my weekly and daily schedule to do something that helps alleviate the grind is crucial. Maybe because I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles (insert stereotypical west coast joke here), but mediation is really working for me. Spending time outside and a good mani/pedi help immensely… oh and BOXING!

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