FAST [Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV] channels have skyrocketed over the past 18 months, and helping keep track of it all is A+E Networks’ Wong. He led the creation of the company’s FAST business reporting, providing high level analysis for leadership and pulling out key takeaways that help drive business decisions for A+E intellectual property. Wong has played a key role in strategy meetings that help determine what FAST Channels to launch, developing proprietary AVOD/SVOD viewership estimates and forecasting models using mathematical & statistical methods to highlight risks and opportunities. He may be under 30, but he’s already accumulated impressive experience. Before joining A+E, he held roles at WarnerMedia, Apple and NBCUniversal. He joined A+E in 2019, so he didn’t get a lot of in-office time in before the pandemic. “The methods for connecting with colleagues have changed but the intentions have stayed the same,” he says. “I used to be able to strike up a conversation while complimenting someone’s bag in the hallway but that has become harder to do. Today, I have found it just as satisfying to hear someone get excited as they talk about their new hobby or brief me on a documentary they recently watched. While it’s nice to be physically in the same space, it may not always be necessary.”

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