Keesha Boyd

Sponsor: Dalila Wilson-Scott

It was clear from her early days at Comcast that Boyd is a mighty force. Less than two months after joining the company in 2005 as a manager, she was promoted to region director. Before long, she was asked to relocate from Chicago to Philly, with a flurry of promotions following. Boyd pivoted from the administrative side of the business to the consumer facing entertainment side, where she is essentially the curator for Black, Latinx and Asian American content for Comcast. “I had made a brand for myself of being a ‘builder,’ so this time I wanted to build something that was customer facing, hadn’t been done and could incorporate a growing discipline I was nurturing around understanding the media consumption habits of Black women,” she says. Her curated content includes partnerships with film festivals as well as existing linear networks. “Keesha leads with passion—through her own lived experiences she understands how important representation of culture and identity is when it comes to programming, and that has driven her to bring the best products to our portfolio over the years. Black Experience on Xfinity is already one of our top performing VOD channels,” says Dalila Wilson-Scott, Comcast Corp.’s EVP & Chief Diversity Officer. A graduate of the NAMIC Executive Leadership Development program and the Wharton Executive Education program for Strategic Marketing, Boyd’s career advice is to differentiate your value. “Practice identifying, refining, and delivering your point of view vocally so that when the moment comes for you to differentiate yourself as the right person for the role or assignment, you’re ready to be heard,” she says.

“Keesha’s positive energy and commitment to DE&I is infectious and unwavering. That spirit will follow her into every opportunity she pursues in the future.” — Dalila Wilson-Scott

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