Hannah Rogers

Described by her colleagues as a “rising star” at The Cable Center, Rogers co-led the organization’s Vision 2025 Brand and Identity task force, leading a six-month business planning initiative around the rebranding process of The Cable Center and its strategic direction over the next five years. “I was proud to be part of this collaborative group of marketing visionaries and to have taken on the role of synthesizing a variety of perspectives to develop a new narrative and direction for The Cable Center brand,” she says. She manages all of the organization’s integrated marketing, email and social media strategy for all of its programs and sub-brands. If that isn’t enough, Rogers reinvigorated the Mavericks Lecture Series program and created The Cable Center’s brand voice, tripling its social media channels over the last years. And in the face of a global pandemic, Rogers created the #CuzofConnectivity campaign to generate positive awareness and solidarity around connectivity and cable technology.

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