Hakim Boubazine

Since touching down in the US market in 2015, Altice has been moving at the speed of innovation under the watch of Boubazine and his team. While other distributors are rolling out fiber to select cities, Altice has its eye on fiber to the home across its footprint, and the company has laid out a bold five-year plan to achieve it. Additionally, the company has been stepping up broadband speeds in its Suddenlink and Cablevision territories. Also soon to debut is a home communications hub, developed in Altice Labs, that’s been deployed in other Altice service areas including in France and Israel. “Innovation is everywhere and people are our best asset,” he says. “For that reason, I encourage everyone— regardless of what level in the organization—to lead by example and always provide context to their employees but also to genuinely listen them and discuss their views.”

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