Hakim Boubazine

A year ago, Boubazine helped expand Altice’s product portfolio by signing a deal with Nest to sell its connected home products as well as launch premium service plans. Next year, he plans to launch the company’s mobile service and introduce new packages including wireless options. He credits consumers as helping drive home the importance of inclusion. “Their needs and wants are diversified, which in turn requires us to provide a diversified portfolio with the marketing to match,” he says. “How do you reach a diversified consumer base? You hire a talented diversified work force, and this is especially important at the leadership level.”

What’s a recent example of a step forward for diversity in the industry?
Our industry has made some significant improvements in this area but there is still more we can do. There seems to be a greater willingness to discuss and prioritize diversity and I see this as being driven by our consumers. Their needs and wants are diversified which in-turn requires us to produce a diversified product portfolio with the marketing to match. How do you reach a diversified consumer base? You hire a talented diversified work force and this is especially important at the leadership level.

What’s your best advice to someone just entering the video content/distribution industry?
Become an expert in your field – immerse yourself in the media landscape, explore and consume all types of video services and genres, even those that do not appeal to you. In this ever-changing media landscape it is crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and to understand how the market is evolving from a content and features standpoint. And very important – don’t be shy! Network and build as many relationships as you can because at some point in your career you will most likely be partnering.

In what areas should the industry step up its efforts with regard to diversity and inclusion?
It is one thing to say we are prioritizing diversity in the workforce and it is another to actually take action on it. At Altice USA, we introduced a Diversity & Inclusion program to celebrate all people, regardless of background, ethnicities, ideologies, etc. We have also created individual affinity groups to connect employees who share common interests & backgrounds such as Altice Together (LGBTQ), The Latino Community of Altice, Young Global Talent Program, etc. We are committed to building a diverse, talented workforce to produce innovative products and services while providing a superior customer experience.

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